Hi, my name is Erik Martinson,

and I'm a lifestyle, love and food photographer based in Tacoma, Washington.  I haven't always been a photographer, but man let me tell you has taking photos taken over my life in a big way.  Growing up playing video games by day, and night, I didn't get out much and didn't realize what the world had to offer.  When I realized what the real world was like and how a camera could freeze the most amazing moments, I fell in love instantly.  One of my best childhood friends, Robert, let me borrow his trusty Rebel XSI for a period of oh I don't know... 6 months, and man, it changed me.  Ever since, I never leave the house without my camera and no matter camera in hand or not I'm always trying to make my eyes focus a certain way to manipulate wide open apertures and see my shot in my head before I put it on my camera.


Music is one of the biggest parts of my life, it fuels me, and it has fueled and led to my current status as a photographer; a good friend of mine and talented performer Rocky Sandoval gave me the opportunity to follow him and shoot his shows a few times and it has only blown up from there.  In fact, I'm now his personal photographer and I work closely with his management team to produce high-quality content.  Through Rocky, I began working with Reign Seattle and really expanded my nightlife portfolio and gained so much valuable and amazing experience shooting in the craziest of situations.  


By day I'm a printer: I manage the digital printing and apparel departments at a company called Print NW.  Never a printer before three years ago, I never realized the love I would come to have for ink on paper, and I really feel my creative juices started truly flowing once I was in this plant full of paper, ink and toner.  Looking at the fine details in print day in and day out allows me to think critically about the shots I take and a stickler for detail, I'm in love with a perfectly exposed, perfectly in focus picture, and I hope to show the world that as the days go by.


Don't be shy, message me, let's shoot!  I'm just a normal guy with a rambunctious eye and a passion for making visible memories that we can all look back on and enjoy.  You can contact me via the contact form in the link at the top of the website or find me on my social media (IG/FB martinson.photo).  


Let's make this life a good one, together.